How to change the Slide.Cell backcolor?


I need to establish several backcolors in the cells of a table, somebody could help me since the backcolor property does not seem to do much case to me



Did you read programmer’s guide in the Wiki? It has a lot of detailed examples
how to use FillFormat property and fill shapes (or cells) with different styles.


Aspose.Slides.Cell cellA = tabla.GetCell(i,0);

cellA.FillFormat.Type = FillType.Solid;

cellA.FillFormat.ForeColor = Color.Navy;

I have inserted this code and it does not establish the bottom color to me, is necessary more something ?



This code is ok and should work.
That’s example how to create table on a slide and fill first cell with yellow color.

Presentation pres = new Presentation();
Slide slide = pres.GetSlideByPosition(1);
Table t = slide.Shapes.AddTable(0, 0, 1000, 1000, 2, 2, 2.0, Color.Red);
t.GetCell(0, 0).FillFormat.Type = FillType.Solid;
t.GetCell(0, 0).FillFormat.ForeColor = Color.Yellow;