How to check and change effects for text?

doc-format-text-effects-reflection-1.png (6.7 KB)

As shown in the figure above, how to check and change those effects, like shadow, reflection, glow, soft edges, 3-d format, for text?


@WPInfo Aspose.Words supports this feature for importing and exporting documents to various formats. It is also possible to check if text content has such attributes, see Font.HasDmlEffect.
Unfortunately, there is no public API for getting and setting specific values for these attributes at the moment. We have scheduled a solution to this task in our tracking system as WORDSNET-10352, you will be informed here on the forum once it has been resolved.
Unfortunately, at the moment the task is in Postponed status due to the large amount of work on its implementation. Please inform what specific attribute you are interested in first of all, what the priority of the others is? Please provide detailed information about your tasks so that we can break this task into smaller ones and start implementing them step by step.