How to clear the Heading!


I have done mailmerge.After mail merge,my word document starts like this

Evaluation Only. Created with Aspose.Word. Copyright 2003-2004 Aspose Pty Ltd.

How to clear this one.Sometimes I got ths same word two three times.Please help me.


This watermark is inserted when you use evaluation version. You need to buy a license for Aspose.Word then evaluation mark disappears in the output.

Evaluation watermark is inserted always into the output document so if you input document has a watermark already, you get second one added.


In our Client place they bought Licenese.So i think this shoul no cause a problem.
Can you please tell me the latest version of Aspose.word.

Becaues iam using


You need to make sure Word.SetLicense method is called somewhere so the license is used.

You can download latest version for free from here


Iam new for Aspose word.With your help only Iam doing.Can you please tell me,How to use word.setlicense method.



The license is in a file. SetLicense is used to tell Aspose.Word where is the license.

If you license is, say in C:\MyLicense.lic, then if it’s a windows platform license use


if it’s a web platform license, then you also need to pass a Page there, for example

Word.SetLicense(@“C:\MyLicense.lic”, this);

See API documentation as well.