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How to connect ot exchange if it has no web service- no IMAP and no POP3


I was wondering if you could provide me an example of how to read the inbox on an exchange server at the corporation I work for, but the exchange has No web service enabled, it has No IMAP enabled, and it has No POP3 enabled. It has a webmail, It is Exchange 2010



Hi Luis,

Thank you for contacting Aspose support team.

Exchange can be accessed using different ways which includes Pop3Client, ImapClient and EWSClient. I am afraid that no other method is available to retrieve mails from exchange inbox. You may please visit following link which does not use Pop3 and Imap.

List Messages on Exchange Server

Lets say that the code utilizes the EWS client and it will be running on server reading a shared mail box emails located in the Inbox folder. What sort of credentials need to be passed to that service? The mail box itself does not have credentials it is just a shared mailbox. It seems tricky to have to provide credentials like taht to establish communication with exchange 2010 and read the inbox.

Could you provide an example again that is closer to a real life situation? maybe with some test accounts, domain names and valid uris of your own test environment?

The problem I am having is that the connection to exchange service utilizing EWS, Likely after that everythig will be a bit easier I hope, after all that is the whole purpose of us buying aspose.email it s to not have to worry too much about details regarding SSL, connectivity and complex APIs right?



Hi Luis,

What I perceive is that you are talking about the shared mailboxes where a user can access another user’s mailbox using his own credentials. This is possible using the Aspose.Email API using two techniques. Let’s say that we have user 1 and user 2, and user 1 has been granted access by the Exchange Server administrator to access user 2’s mailbox. The following two methods can be used for this purpose:

1. Read Emails from Other user’s mailbox

2. Exchange Impersonation

Please try the sample code from these samples and share your feedback with us.