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How to creat text with special border requirement?

Please see the attactment, our project need to creat a document with text in a box. What make it difficult is the vertical lines between text is 50% the box height.

How can we do it? I'm new to Aspose.Words, so a couple of lines of code will be more helpful.

Best Regards,


Also: the 4 cells should be equal width and each letter needs to be centered in the cell.

We bought only Aspose.Word, nothing else.

Thanks Again!

Hi David,

Thanks for your inquiry. Well, Aspose.Words mimics the behaviour of Microsoft Word; could you please create your target document using Microsoft Word and attach it here for testing? I will investigate the structure of Box (and the content inside this Box) as to how you would like your target document to be generated like and I will provide you code snippet to achieve the same using Aspose.Words.

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