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How to create a folder or subfolder in a MBox-rd file

i would like to create a message folder in a MBoxrd (Thunderbird) or MBox file (Eudora)
My code:
writerRD = New MboxrdStorageWriter(FichSortie, False)
’ Prepare a new message using the MailMessage class
msg = MailMessage.Load(FichEntree, MessageFormat.Msg)
’ Add this message to storage
’ Close all related streams
how can i create a folder or subfolder ?

thanks for your help


Hi Marc,

We are afraid to inform that currently there is no such feature available in MboxrdStorageWriter, which helps in creating folder or sub-folder. We will see if its implementable in near future and log it in our issue tracking system.

Please feel free to write us if you have any further query.