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How to disconnect PST files from Outlook?

Like the title says. I know it is possible to disconnect PST files from Outlook using the Outlook.Application object but does Aspose.Email for .NET have the ability to do this? I am looking for a way around having to go through the slow and unreliable Outlook.Application object.

Thank you for your request. It will take me a while to find out. I will inform you of this information later.

Thanks Andrey :slight_smile: . I’ll stay tuned.

Thank you for your patience. To my regret, Aspose.Email has not an API to manipulate Outlook application.

I understand. Thanks for looking Andrey. Maybe a nice functionality to have in the future. The Outlook.Application object is not fun to work with.

We will discuss the implementation of this feature with our development team. I will inform you about the discussion results.

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Aspose.Email works with the content of PST files and mail messages, but not with the Outlook application object model. To my regret, we cannot implement such functionality.