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How to display page numbers on the background?


Is it possible to display the page numbers on the background of the cells?

Please see attachment for what I mean.


Hi Matt,

Thank for your inquiry.

Well, it is not the actual background, it is rather a view to notify on how MS Excel displays Page Break Preview for pages in a sheet. When you take the Print Preview of the pages (in the sheet) or do printing this background won’t be rendered/printed.

Thank you.

Hi Amjah,

I would like the user to open the excel and see the page numbers, how do I do that in the codes?

Please open the attached test.xls and you see what I mean.


Hi Amjah,

Thanks for yr help.

I have found the solution to it from your website documentation:

'Displaying the worksheet in page break preview

worksheet.IsPageBreakPreview = True