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How to execute a Delete request to the path of your folder?

I am trying to find a good solution for a pdf conversion​ tool that will convert our docx to pdf. The way your conversion​ goes is that you first upload the file and you retrieve the same file in another format. But the file still exists in the storage. I tried looking for a way to delete the file from the storage. Just execute a Delete request to the path of your folder?
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Hi Arne,

You can use DeleteFile method of the Folder class if you are using SDK or use File resource with HTTP DELETE method as you can see in example 5 at if your want to use REST example.

You can also use convert resource if you want to convert your files without using storage. In this case, you need to send your file in the request body.

Please also share your development platform and we will share links to more specific REST and SDK examples with you.

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Muhammad Ijaz
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Well when I took a better look in your Java SDK, I did find out you can very easily delete a file. Thanks for your time to answer. Loving the service!

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