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How to export to Excel & PDF file from Console application which will display the data with chart & grid


I want to display data in the format attached here in PDF as well as in Excell file in Console application using c#.

Could you please suggest me a quick sample solution to this issue with the complete source code.

Quick solution to this issue will be highly appreciated.

Loooking forward to your early reply.

Thanks & Regards,
Hirak Sengupta


Well, Aspose.Cells can fulfill your requirements very well. I would suggest some documents/topics for a programmer’s guide, so that you may get your desired results. Please see the following topics for your need.

1. Formatting Cells

2. Create Tables/List Objects (see documents in the section).

3. Creating Charts (see documents in the section)

4. Generate PDF Documents:

Moreover, we recommend you to check our featured demos for your complete reference:

Thank you.