How to find your version of Aspose.Total to download (

I'm new here and I am having a difficult time locating our version of the Aspose.Total package. We are using version and our license says we can only use releases prior to May 1, 2012.

Please give simple instructions on how to easily locate your version.

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Thanks for your inquiry.

Please check:
Aspose.Total is bunch of different products (having different versions) and we do not attach version numbers with Aspose.Total product family now. You have to check the below links (these are actually release notes for Aspose.Total) to know which product versions are included in the archive.

Release notes and release dates can be found in the Aspose download section. Each download page contains notes for a given releases on different dates. For example, please check the Aspose.Cells for .NET download page:
If you click on any version you should see the associated information for your needs. Unfortunately, we do not have a way to provide a consolidated list of all release notes since 4/16/2011.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if we can assist further.