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How to format the subtotal when use subtotalN with smart markers?

I searched and found you have supported label parameters when using subtotalN with smart markers in the topic Smart markers undocumented group parameters, but how to use ? The document link in the topic has expired. What parameters are supported for subtotalN with smart markers? How to use them ? Can set the style for the subtotals produced using subtotalN with smart markers? Where can find more detailed document about smart markers?

Please visit Adding custom Labels to concatenate with the Subtotal rows in Smart Markers and let us know your feedback. We have fixed broken links in referenced topic also.

Thank you very much for replying, and I have tried, the result is very awesome. But I still have four questions.

  1. Is there more detailed about the label feature?{0} how to work, can set {1}? How to set LabelPosition’s value? The left shift from current column?why when I change the last group field’s LabelPosition, it doesn’t work?
  2. When use copystyle, only the subtotal values produced have the same style.Can the whole row have the same style? Or How to set the style of label value?
  3. I found that when some group field had the value of null, the result of subtotalN calculation was not completed. I attached the picture of incomplete result.
  4. I found that the document for java smart markers missing a lot of information, such as label and coystyle. So Is the document for .net smart markers is the most complete?subtotalHasNull.jpeg (91.4 KB)

Could you please share your code snippet, output file, screenshot of expected results or MS Excel behavior details. Please create separate topic for each question as it helps us to manage things better.

Thank you! I know why the last group field’s LabelPosition not working in the 1, in the template file downloaded from https://docs.aspose.com/display/cellsnet/Formatting+Smart+Markers#FormattingSmartMarkers-AddingcustomLabelstoconcatenatewiththeSubtotalrowsinSmartMarkers, the symbol following the first field’s LabelPosition is “:”, but the last is “=”, obviously only “:” works.
I will create separate topic and attach code and files.

Sure, we will analyze that code and files and provide our feedback accordingly.

Thank you very much!