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How to get images to show up after converting Excel to HTML

Ok i’m having a problem when i convert my Excel files into HTML. On the excel sheet i put “images/image_01.jpg” and that is exactly what shows up on my webpage in normal black text instead of the actual image showing up. What am i doing wrong?

Hi, thanks for your consideration.

I do not understand your problem clearly. Did you use Aspose.Excel to create an Excel file?
Then you try to convert it to html?

If so, please send me the excel file that you wanted to convert. I will investigate this problem.

I would like to ask you if you have/or are able to create componet which can convert doc,rft,xls, pdf files to html preview (generate html from these files on the fly).

Please check Aspose.Word for converting doc, rtf file to html files and check Aspsoe.Pdf for converting pdf file to html file.

Please check Aspose.Excel.Web to see if it can serve your need for xls2html. It provides web page similar to MS Excel.