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How to get user name or author of a comment in Excel

I got the codes fomr Aspose to read comments:

Workbook wb = new Workbook();


//Retrieving comments from the first worksheet

Comments comments = wb.Worksheets[0].Comments;

for(int i = 0; i < comments.Count; i ++)


Comment comment = comments[i];

string text = comment.Note;



But how to get the author of that comment?

I saw there is author name in Note separated by ':', Is it ok to use string.split to get Author and Comment text.

How can you get the author of a comment in MS Excel? Could you please post a sample file to show your need?


Thanks for considering Aspose.

Well, normally the comment's Author is the same as (Workbook)document's Author. So, I think you may try to utilize BuiltInDocumentProperties to extract Author's info.


BuiltInDocumentProperties docproperties = wb.Worksheets.BuiltInDocumentProperties;
string author = docproperties.Author;
Thank you.