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How to have static text in smart markers generated rows?


I have a sheet containing 1 header, followed by 1 row with smart markers. They get are of the format

This returns set a of rows containing the data I fed into the merge. So far so good. But now I have a static field in the row that should always say “Yes”. If I just try setting this to Yes, or even ‘Yes’ or “Yes”, only the first row will contain Yes in that field. In the following rows that field will be blank.

So then I tried &=“Yes” but that also doesn’t work.

However, &=&=Yes returns Yes() in the field ^^

Finally I tried using &=&=trim(“Yes”)
The result is almost what I expect it to be:

But why did it turn uppercase???

Best Regards


Hi Fred,

You can set the smart maker as


And in your code, you can create a string array which all contains string "Yes".

string[] array = new string[count];

for(int i = 0; i < count; i ++)

arrayIdea [I] = "Yes";

designer.SetDataSource("Yes", array);

Hi Laurence,

I actually wanted to achieve this without having to add a field to the data source containing the text “Yes” or having to write extra code for it. Basically I want to enter “Yes” in a plain text field in Excel. The other fields in the same row contain dynamic data that Aspose Cells gets from a datasource. The whole problem is that the static field (containing “Yes”) is not repeated in the rows that Aspose Cells adds to the sheet for each row of the data source.

Is there no possibility of achieving this?



Hi Fred,

Currently it's not supported. Generally I think I can add a new kind of smart marker to populate the static text. However I have to carefully consider it first.