How to hide second row data

Hi Team,

I am doing VSTO to aspose migration project and I am converting recordset object to dataset object while importing data to aspose cell.

Before importing above data we are also showing all column descriptions using a separate method in the first row. Due to this combination

I am getting two headers in my report. I don’t want the header which is coming along with the dataset.

Please suggest.

Sample data

1 Emp No Emp Name Location

2 Emp_No Emp_Name Loc

3 6754 Sagar Hyderabad

4 5855 Gino Jacks

Need output like below

1 Emp No Emp Name Location

2 6754 Sagar Hyderabad

3 5855 Gino Jacks


Thanks for providing us some details.

Please see the document on what data importing options provided by Aspose.Cells from variety of data sources for your complete reference.

Regarding your specific or custom needs (you do not want to have second record in the datatable/ dataset etc.), you may either do it using .NET API using your own code where you will filter the DataTable or you may hide or remove row after you have imported/ pasted data from your data source using Aspose.Cells APIs easily. Please see the document on how to hide a row/ column and remove a row/ column in the sheet:

Thank you.