How to Insert Symbol Character?


Is there a way to insert a symbol FULL WIDTH HYPHEN MINUS? Either
during extraction from the database or from aspose.word method is fine.


You need to know the character code of the symbol and have a font that has that symbol. The easiest thing is to find the character you want in Microsoft Word, in the Insert Symbol dialog box.

For example most of the true type fonts (Arial, Times New Roman etc) shipped with Microsoft Windows have the following chars that might suit you:

Em Dash - \x2014 (I think it is the full width hyphen)
Horizontal Bar - \x2015

Alternatively look into the Symbol font, here you can find \x00be which looks like a wide dash.

After you decided which symbol you want you can insert it into the document using Aspose.Words in the usual ways.

For example, through the DocumentBuilder:

builder.Font.Name = "Arial";



Through the model directly:

Run run = new Run(doc);

run.Font.Name = "Arial";

run.Text = "\x2014";



I tried:

builder.Font.Name = “Arial”


but all it does it write out the text “\x2014” in the word document.
When I check the en dash character code in the insert symbol dialog
window it says FF0D (hex). I’m also using Classic ASP if it makes any


In Visual Basic it will be something like Chr$(&H2014) if I remember correctly. Please check Visual Basic reference to find out how to make unicode character from hexadecimal integer.