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How to Insert text?

I am evaluating the Aspose.PDF product for our project. Basically, I need the following functionalities.

1. Get data from a database and insert it into anywhere into the existing Template PDF file.

2. If data does not exist, create a form field for a manual entry.

3. Stream the resulting pdf file to the browser.

I am having difficulty with inserting text right now. Here is my sample code:

Dim inStream As FileStream = New FileStream(inFile, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.ReadWrite)

Dim sect1 As Section = Pdf.Sections.Add()

Dim text1 As Text = New Text(sect1, "testing11 123...")

text1.Margin.Top = 10

sect1.TextInfo.FontSize = 8


pdf.Save("out.pdf", SaveType.OpenInBrowser, Me.Response)


So far, this program is not inserting anything into the Template although I can see the file modify date stamp has changed. Do you have any other sample code to do this? Thanks.

Editing existed PDF is not supported in Aspose.Pdf. We have another product Aspose.Pdf.Kit that can manipulate existing PDF but only simple editing is supported.

Thanks. I still need to prove it but I think we are going with Aspose.Word.