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How to maintain image resolution

When we add image into slides then how to maintain the image resolution. On zoom IN or on zoom OUT. How to increase the DPI of any image before adding it in slides?


I have observed the requirements shared by you and like to share that the complete image with its actual size is added in Aspose.Slides images collection. Then one adds image inside any shape (Picture frame or Autoshape) by providing the shape size (position and bounds). The image gets adjusted inside the shape for which it gets selected. There is no other option to change or set any DPI of image on run-time. You can add an image inside slide with its actual bounds by setting the same bounds for shape in which it is going to be added. I hope the shared elaboration will be helpful.

Thanks, Can you provide references for How to add image in shape. If i want to insert it as image only then there is option for this situation like - Suppose I have a image of 200 X 200 and now when i am adding it in slides at that time i want to make that image size 500 X 500 with affecting the image resolution. Is this possible to do?


i suggest you to please visit below documentation links for your convenience.

Adding picture in shape
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