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How to make only Total row's top line bold?

I’m using smart marker approach to create excel report. The report has list of vehicles and at the end of the listing there is Total. The top line of the row that shows the Total should be bold & solid. So I made that row’s top line solid & bold. But when reports get generated all the detail lines also become solid & bold. The reason it happens because the line is shared between the actual listing of vehicles & the total row. I have attached the template I’m using. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

How do I set the template so that only the Top line of the Total row will be bold.

(I would like to avoid writing a code to do this.)


If you make the row (that contains the smart markers) bold, obviously all the processed data that would be retrieved or filled into the cells would be bold. There is no logic (that can be implemented into Smart markers) behind to make only the last detailed line/row (from the processed/fill data) would be bold. It would be much better after processing the smart markers and filling the data into the cells, you may find the last row (you may try to use Cells.Find/FindString APIs to find the last cell(row, col) and subtract by -1 in the row part to get the row above the “Total” row) above your “Total” row and make it bold and set your desired pattern style.

Thank you.

i did not make the row that contains smark markers bold, i made the the total row bold


In that case, it should work fine accordingly to your needs by default. We need your sample console application with your template files (input and output) to reproduce the issue on our end, you may create or use a dummy data table and set it as data source for your markers, zip it and post it here to show the issue. We will check it soon.

By the way, we also recommend you to use our latest version e.g 7.0.3.x.

Thank you.