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How to mark the watermark transparent on the document?

Aspose.Pdf.FloatingBox watermark1 = new Aspose.Pdf.FloatingBox(500,500);

watermark1.BoxHorizontalPositioning = BoxHorizontalPositioningType.Page;

watermark1.BoxHorizontalAlignment = BoxHorizontalAlignmentType.Center;

watermark1.BoxVerticalPositioning = BoxVerticalPositioningType.Page;

watermark1.BoxVerticalAlignment = BoxVerticalAlignmentType.Center;

I tried all of the sample code but still unable to find a way to set the watermark transparent.

Can you please provide some sample code for this? Thanks.

Thanks for considering Aspose.

The watermark transparent of pdf document is not directly supported by Aspose.Pdf, however it is supported by Aspose.Pdf.Kit. Please take a look at following page for description and samples.