How to Open a PDF file using link


hi all,

I have a problem in opening a Existing PDF file in .NET. Using the Response content type as "application/PDF", i am unable to open the PDF file,for this i am using Hyperlink/Linkbutton..

Could you please tell me the solution to open the PDF files.

Thanks in advance....



Thanks for considering Aspose.

Please refer to the online demo Northwind :

You can get the demo choosing downloading full installer at



I have been able to save the pdf file. But when I try to open the saved file by clicking on a hyperlink, there is no action. The code I am using to open the file is



here hypViewwarrantyQuote is the .NET Hyperlink control.

Am I missing something here? Please help.

I have a delivery to make, and I am struck here since yesterday. I look forward to an early clarification. My client has bought a licence a couple of days back.


Please check your Adobe Reader setting:

Edit-Preferences-Internet-Web Browser Options-Display PDF in browser.


This question has been answered in MSN. The problem has nothing to do with Aspose.Pdf.