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How to open an other sheet (result of request) in the same excel file

Hi all,

I have a question I open my Excel file with one sheet and I want to know
how to add an other sheet in the same Excel file.This second and third sheet will
be the result of a Sql request.

Ex : in my firm we use Aspose 2.5.0 because we have this license, I can use Aspose 2.5.3 with the same license?

thanks for your answer


Please find below a link to technical article on Management of Worksheets. That also include a topic on “How to add a worksheet in same workbook”.

Below is a link to an article on Importing Data to worksheet,

Hope it helped. Please feel free to write back. Thank you

Hello babar.raza

Thanks for your answer, but I think there is a mistake about the first link because it’s explaining how to print one sheet.For my part, I want to add 3 or 4 worksheets in the same Workbook.



Sorry for inconvenience, Yes you are right, first link is not correct. Below is the correct link,

For the other problem with importing data. We will get back to you with a solution on this.


The acceptable object type in the collection please refer to javadoc of Cell.setValue(Object). User custom classes cannot be assigned to cell directly.