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How to push drawing down the page to add custom heading

if I manipulate this point and put y coordinate lower, the text moves down, but the drawing stays in the same place. So it overruns each other. image.png (33.1 KB)
I need to push the drawing down, thus creating space for the title.
Thank you


I like to inform that if you add text above the drawing, drawing automatically moves down. Please move it to the up on bigger distance and you will see it.

But I don’t want to keep that text on the very top. I want a some margin on the top of the page, then my heading text, and after that the rest of the drawing. Are my requirements clear?


I have observed your comments and created investigation ticket with ID CADNET-980 in our issue tracking system to further investigate. I request for your patience.


I have shared sample code with you. This will help you to achieve your requirements. Can you please check and share feedback with us if there is still an (806 Bytes)

I think that did the trick. Thank you


It’s good to know things are fine on your end.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as CADNET-980) have been fixed in this update.