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How to put border arount range


How can I put border around a range? I only need border aournd the range as a whole, not border around every cells the range has.


Thanks for your consideration.

Sorry current release doesn’t allow you to do that but we’d love to do.

So please let me know your expected availablility schedule and then we will try to meet your needs.

Thank you,

I may need it next month.

Another thing is when I tried to put border around a range myself, I found that a cell can only apply ONE style, that is the reason I can’t do it.

For example: I set cell(1, 1) to have left border, but when I set a Range, which includes this cell, to have bottom border, then the first style(have left border) won’t apply on this cell anymore.

I think it would be better that a cell can apply more than one styles, the latter style can override the previous styles setting if they have the same thing but different value.


Thanks for using Aspose.Cells.

Download Link: Aspose.Cells for .NET 7.3.2

Now, Aspose.Cells supports such a feature. We have now a method call Cell.SetStyle() with 3 overloads.

One of this overload meets your needs.

public void SetStyle (Style style, Boolean explicitFlag)

Apply the cell style.

Name Description
style The cell style.
explicitFlag True, only overwriting formatting which is explicitly set.

For reference, please see this link.