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We are very interested in your Aspose.Word product. Currently, we are using MS Word to generate financial statement. Using Office Object Module costs both time and resources. We downloaded your demo and did some tests, there are some question we try to verify before purchasing.

1. What is the edition of the demo? Does it provide all the objects and functions?

2. We are not going to use MailMerge function and template file. But we do need to copy or merge some tables/files from other Word files. How can we do that? Do your component provide copy/paste function?

3. Do your component provide access to Word table such as insert/copy/paste?

4. Without template file or with an empty file, how to access the footer/header? How to setup the page number?

5. Can we set up watermark?

I am looking forward to your reply.



Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

1. The demo runs with evaluation license (no license) and it allows access to all functionality of the component.

2. Document.Sections collection allows to add/move/remove and copy sections within and between documents. With smart use of section breaks (continious or start from next page) you can create a template or a library of templates from which you can assembly your output document. Many users of Aspose.Word take this approach. At the moment Aspose.Word does not provide copy/paste for any document fragment yet, but eventually it will be available too.

3. Same as above? You can copy or move a table from one document to another if you carefully wrap a table into a section in the source document and then move or copy that section into the destination. Also, you can use various DocumentBuilder.MoveToXXX methods to move to any cell of a table and insert text/images there.

4. If you have an empty file and want to fill it you need to use DocumentBuilder. You can insert page numbers using DocumentBuilder.InsertField and insert an MS Word page number field. It is not yet possible to directly navigate DocumentBuilder into document header or footer but it will soon be possible because it is a highly requested feature. However, there is a workaround for this. If you have a template file with a “dummy” merge field in the header or footer you can use DocumentBuilde.MoveToMergeField to navigate to that field and bingo - insert text into a header or footer.

5. Similar to p4. When the DocumentBuilder was navigated to a header or footer, use InsertImage to insert an image. I’m not 100% it will settle below text as a watermark, but I will be able to add parameters that allow to specify that in a week or so.