How to rearrange the tasks by their Predecessors



Is there any way with Aspose.Tasks we can rearrange the task list from MPP to their Predecessors.

For instance, in my attached example MPP file, Task1 has the Predecessor Task2. For my other MPP operations it is invalid. How do we rearrange the tasks as per their predecessors using Aspose.Tasks? (102.9 KB)



I have observed the requirements shared and have not been able to completely understand them. Can you please share the details in the form of snapshot or required MPP file so that we investigate that on our end to help you.


Hey @mudassir.fayyaz

Sorry for not providing much details on it, since I was in a hurry to find the other solutions for my problem. Finally I was able to figured out and used the Move Tasks feature.

Looks like above link has some issue to render completely on web page, but somehow I was able to mange to read the content.



It’s good to know that things are working on your end. For your second point concerning to some issue in documentation link, we will verify this on our end ASAP.