How to remove texts/pictures from masterslide?


Dear Support,

I want to remove customized texts/pictures in the masterslides based on and aspose.slides.dll, How to achieve it?
Input and output demo file for your reference. (139.1 KB)

Thanks for your help!




We are working on this issue and will get back to you with feedback soon.


I may work it out like this:
For cc = 0 To 20
Dim ss As Integer = PPT.Masters(cc).Slide.Shapes.Count
For kk = ss - 1 To 0 Step -1
Dim sp As Global.Aspose.Slides.IShape
sp = PPT.Masters(cc).Slide.Shapes(kk)
Dim a = sp.AlternativeText
Dim b = sp.AsIPresentationComponent
Dim d = sp.Name
If (a <> “” Or a = “” And InStr(d.ToLower, “textbox”) > 0) And InStr(d.ToLower, “placeholder”) = 0 Then PPT.Masters(cc).Slide.Shapes.RemoveAt(kk)

This codes could remove customized metas in the masterslides.



Can you please confirm if your issue has been resolved.


Yes! This code can do it!



You are very welcome.