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How to Restrict permissions on an Excel spreadsheet to limited set of users?

How do I mimic the behavior of

1) Open an Excel 2010 document

2) Click on File\Info\Protect Document\Restrict Permission by people\Restricted Access

3) Specify list of users that are validated against AD


I have logged your feature request into our tacking system with an id:CELLSNET-18751. We will investigate it and get back to you soon.

Any update on this?


I am afraid, your desired feature is not available yet. Once we have any update about it, we will let you know.

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

I wonder what the status of this feature request is. Could you give me an update on this?


I am afraid, the feature is still not implemented. Also, we have not thoroughly evaluated it and checked the feasibility of the feature if this can be supported or not. We will do it soon. The new issue id “CELLSNET-42398” that was logged into our database.

Once we have any update on it, we will let you know here.

Thank you.


We are investigating CELLSNET-42398 and would like to request you to provide a template file which is restricted to limited set of the users.

We could not support reading such files because the files are encrypted, but there are no encryption info in the files.

We are trying to restrict the users permissions on an excel file. By doing this in our code, when we try to use new Workbook(fileStream), it will fail with this error “This file’s format is not supported or you don’t specify a correct format.” Is this related to the topic above, where is mentioned aspose doesn’t support readying such files.

If I load the file, with CheckExcelRestriction option I get this “Permission is required to open this file.”


Could you please zip and attach the Excel file, we will check it soon.

Thank you very much for your quick answer. I have attached a file with restrict permissions (TestDoc01.zip (23.2 KB)


Thanks for the sample file.

I checked and tested your file a bit. Your issue is related to the topic discussed in this thread. I got “Permission is required to open this file” when trying to open the file via Aspose.Cells APIs. When trying opening the file manually in Ms Excel, MS Excel requires permissions and account credentials for it as well. Aspose.Cells works on file format and underlying xml data of the source file. I am afraid, as we told earlier (in the thread) there is no encryption info documented in the source file, so we cannot support loading/reading the file.