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How to retrieve the selected cells by worksheet?

I would like to retrieve the selected cells(range) for each worksheet.

I used :

Range[] ranges = _excel.Worksheets.GetNamedRanges();

But it returns me always the same ranges even if I select nothing !

Thanks for your help.


I am not clear about your need. Could you please elaborate it?

I want to retrieve the different selections/ranges of cells in a worksheet.

How do you do it to retrieve those 3 selections ?

Click here for the picture

Where is the picture?

On the word “here” Smile

Do you want to know the selection range while the file is saving? Currently Aspose.Excel doesn’t support such a feature. I may add this feature in about 1 week.

Yes in fact I have to process excel files created by user in Microsoft Excel.

But I only have to validate the data in the selected cells.

So the users put data in the worksheet, they select the cells to validate and then they save the file.

After that they upload the excel file to a webserver that will process this excel file.

On the webserver side I try to use Aspose to retrieve the selected cells but as you said, this is not possible yet ?

Thanks for your help Laurence.