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How to Rotate Pages 180 degrees for duplex printing

It seems that to cater for duplex printing (which prints back page first and with top of page reversed) we need to rotate pages 180 degrees whilst printing to the PrintDocument object, to ensure the first page always uses headed paper.

What's the best way?

1. In the PrintDocument_PrintPage event handler, use VSPDFViewerX.rotatePage(True) twice

2. In the PrintDocument_PrintPage event handler, use transformation values in VSPDFViewerX.paintToDC (anyone have an example?)


Hi Appliedss,

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You can rotate pages 180 degrees easily using Aspose.Pdf. Kindly check the following documentation link for details and code snippet as per your requirement.

Editing a PDF’s individual pages using PdfPageEditor class

Please do let us know if you need any further assistance.

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OK, can you clarify a rotate issue I have before I try the Aspose.pdf version?

In the Aspose.Pdf.Kit I used the VSPDFViewerX.rotatePage method (twice) to get a 180 degree movement. But the document page I was rotating did not fill the page, and the 'bottom of page' space (i.e. the unused part of the page at the bottom) became the 'top of page' space.

So, I want to print a letter, and the address is positioned for a window envelope. Using the 'rotatePage' method effectively moves the address down the page by swapping the top and bottom spacing on the page.

My question is, will this be the same in Aspose.pdf? And/or is there an alternative?