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How to set the Data Lable of Pie chart

May I know how to set the Data Lables of a Pie chart to it’s value/percentage?

Dear forbi,

Thanks for your consideration.

Currently you can set that in your designer file.
Now I am working to enhance chart api to meet your need.

Dear Laurence,

I need that feature too. Would you know this feature will be done?

Much Appreciate,

Dear Kim,

Yes.This feature will be done. Please wait for a few days.

Thanks for your patience.


BTW, I have created a column chart, but it default to use data table “By column”.

How can I change it to defauly “by row”? When I highlight the excel table to convert into Column chart, it default “By Row”.



Here is my code

Private Sub CreateChart(ByVal Excel As Excel, ByVal sheet As Worksheet, ByVal strTitle As String, ByVal ctChartType As ChartType, ByVal nRow As Integer, ByVal nCurrentColumn As Integer, ByVal nLastColumn As Integer)
Dim chartIndex As Integer = sheet.Charts.Add(ctChartType, 20, 0, 35, 12)
Dim chart As Chart = sheet.Charts(chartIndex)
chart.IsLegendShown = True
chart.Title.Text = strTitle

Dim startCell As String = Excel.GetCellName(5, 1)
Dim endCell As String = Excel.GetCellName(5 + 5, 5)
chart.NSeries.Add(startCell + “:” + endCell, True)

startCell = Excel.GetCellName(5, 0)
endCell = Excel.GetCellName(5 + 5, 0)
chart.NSeries.CategoryData = startCell + “:” + endCell
End Sub

Dear Kim,

Try to replace this line of code:
chart.NSeries.Add(startCell + “:” + endCell, True)

chart.NSeries.Add(startCell + “:” + endCell, false)

Hi Laurence,

Could you please advise the release date of this feature?

Many Thanks,

Dear Kim,

“Set the Data Lables of a Pie chart to it’s value/percentage” will be available before the end of this month.