How to Use the ASP.Net Demo as a starting point


2 months ago I downloaded the demo project for recurrence. The demo worked and I submitted my recommendation to get the software.

Yesterday I purchased the recurrence software. I would like to use the Demo ASP.Net pages as a starting point for my scheduling page. Now I can’t seem to find the demo project on the web site.

The msi file installs the vb.webform pages but not the demo dll that the pages refer to. If I reference the Aspose.Recurrence.Demos.VB.Common.dll from the old demo I get version errors Warning: The dependency ‘Aspose.Recurrence, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=716fcc553a201e56’ in project ‘WebApplication1’ cannot be copied to the run directory because it would overwrite the reference ‘Aspose.Recurrence, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=716fcc553a201e56’.

and an error : “Type ‘endType’ is not defined”. on taskform.aspx.vb.

What do I need to do to use EditTaskForm and TaskForm in my project?



I have managed to get the demo working properly from the new msi file but still have a problem when bringing the demo pages into my project. I reference the Aspose.Recurrence.dll and the Aspose.Recurrence.Demos.VB.Common, but still get the error: "Type ‘endType’ is not defined.

What is causing this error. It would appear that endType is defined in the aspose.recurrence library??




After installation you need to create a virtual directory for the demo in IIS as explained in

Then you need to open the solution file Aspose.Recurrences.Demos.VB.sln because the demo consists of several related projects.

Aspose.Recurrence.Demos.VB.Simple - this is a very simple example how to use the component.
Aspose.Recurrence.Demos.VB.Common is a common library used by other demo projects.
Aspose.Recurrence.Demos.VB.WebForms - this references the common library. This is the web application demo you see at Aspose website.
Aspose.Recurrence.Demos.VB.WinForms - also references the common library. This is a windows forms application demo, same functionality as the web demo.

You need to build all solution so all the projects are compiled before you can run them. The demo project dlls are not shipped with the installer so you cannot run demos if you don’t compile first.

EndType is defined in Aspose.Recurrence.dll and it is a property of RecurrenceBase and specifies how a recurrence pattern ends. Do you see the error message says “endType” rather than “EndType”?

I’m not sure what happened on your machine, maybe it will help if you start fresh. Uninstall Aspose.Recurrence, then delete folder C:\Program Files\Aspose\Aspose.Recurrence folder completely as installer does not remove compiled or user created files. Then install again, make sure IIS virtual directories are correct, open the solution and build it.

If that does not help you can try me on live on support


I have created the virtual directories and compiled. The demo pages in the provided solution file work without error. But I still have the endType problem.

I have taken the TaskForm.aspx and the EditTaskForm.aspx and copied them and the .vb files into my solution. Included the Aspose.Recurrence Demos.VB.Common and Demos.VB.Webforms dlls.

The problem area is in the Webform EditTaskForm.aspx. If I comment out the three lines
Dim endType As endType = CType(Integer.Parse(Me.endRadio.SelectedItem.Value), endType)
endMaxOccurrencesEdit.Enabled = (endType = endType.MaxOccurrences)
endDate.Enabled = (endType = endType.EndDate)

then the solution will build and run. As you can see the code is written as endType, not EndType.

The pages seem to run without error and I have not been able to detect a difference in the operation or result dates of the demo vs the copy with the commented lines. I am going to proceed but would like to know if this can be fixed.



These three lines are not very critical - they just disable one control depending on the EndType selected. So it’s okay to proceed with them commented out.

It is interesting to point out that EndType is used and compiled in Aspose.Recurrence.Demos.VB.Common project too. No problems there for some reason.

EndType is converted into lowercase endType by Visual Basic IDE. Sometimes it does that when variables have the same name as the type (normal practice in C#).

Maybe you can try adding “Imports Aspose.Recurrence” to the file and see if it helps.


Adding “Imports Aspose.Recurrence” did the trick. The rest is up to me. Thanks.