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How to write set Text into Cell

The textframe property of a Cell is read-only, how can I add text into a Table Cell ?


Dear Stef,

Each cell already has textframe so you should change only Paragraphs and Portions.

Is it possible to make a text fit in a cell ?

My client wishes to have text fit in a table, no matter the length of the text


Dear Stef,

Now you can only change height of a row by yourself.
But if you can wait couple of weeks then it will be implemented.

when I change height of a row


then table does not redraw correctly.

is there any redraw function to call after that ?

another thing :


seems to mess up the Table, since

tab.Height = 1500;

causes an exception (no reference)

Dear Stef,

Is it a simple table without merged cells?
Could you send me example of this ppt?

mail sent @

Could you repeat it to ?

Dear Stef,

Please check 1.8.7 hot fix.