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HTML Bullet list conversion to doc ignores margin layout

I have just taken over a project which uses a rich text editor to generate HTML to be inserted into a word document. The word document has a graphic set in the background which all text must be indented to avoid. To do so we’ve set the text indent on the word doc into which we’re inserting the html to be 4cm.
All the text that is inserted appears to be picking up the indent EXCEPT where the HTML contains a bullet list (

  • blah

). The bullet list appears instead to begin at the left margin rather than the indent marker.
Changing the margin creates issues with the graphic and the rest of the HTML text.
Is there any way to force the bullet list to use the indent rather than the margin as it’s left hand position guide?

Thanks for your inquiry. Could you please attach your document and HTML for testing. I will investigate the problem and try to help you to resolve it.
Best regards.

Thanks Alexey,
As requested I’ve attached a sample document. As you can see the bullet points on page two are incorrectly indented.
The HTML is generated on the fly with each section generated automatically in code.
The relevant section of HTML looks like this:

- Do you want to build more personal contact with your customers and prospects?

- Do you want to check and manage stock items quickly and conveniently from anywhere?

- Do you want to drive more business to your website with a powerful Content Manager?

- Do you want to utilise business intelligence reports to understand customer behaviour?

- Do you want to reduce your administration costs?

- Do you want to manage your accounting functions with ease?

In testing I’ve removed the table from the HTML and created the document, but it doesn’t change the outcome at all.
Aspose simply seems to use the left hand margin of the page instead of the indent as the base point for creating bullets. The rest of the text aligns to the indent. Is there any way to control or change this?

Thank you for additional materials. I see that in the document improperly indented list is not enclosed in a table. To reproduce the problem I need the document before insertion and the fragment you are passing to InsertHtml. There would be also good to see the code snippet performing this.

If the document is not enclosed in a table then it is because I’ve sent you the one from which I removed the table as a test. Table or not the resulting document is identical.
Please find the initial document attached.
The code is very simple as the html string is returned from the rich text box into a variable called html and then passed to InsertHtml.
I’ve posted the html generated by the rich text box in a previous post.

Thank you for additional information. I modified your template and now all works fine. Please provide me your e-mail and I will send it to you.
Best regards.

Please delete the previous message with the clear text email version.

Are you able to tell me what changes were required to make the document work?

Hi Peter
Thanks for your inquiry. You should do the following:

  1. Select “Header and Footer” from View menu.
  2. Right click on the image and select “Format Picture” from the context menu.
  3. Go to Layout Tab and click Advanced button.
  4. Select “Page” form “relative to” combobox.
  5. Check “Alignment” radiobutton (Vertical section) and select “Page” form “relative to” combobox.
  6. Move left margins.
    I sent modified template to your e-mail.
    Best regards,