Html to doc and blockquotes


We are using a similar javascript editor to the FreeTextBox used here on the forums. And when we indent a paragragh, it inserts a blockquote tag into the html. We are then taking the user input from these boxes, and trying to generate a word document that includes the user input. Unfortunately the blockquotes seem to be ignored. Below is the code we use to load the html and then save it as a Doc.

Aspose.Word.Document d = new Document(Server.MapPath(“input.html”));

Here is the simple html we used as input.



Is your product able to handle this html? If so, what are we doing wrong? If not, has anyone there figured out some type of workaround to this problem. Thanks.



Thank you for considering Aspose.


tags are indeed not supported yet. You should use another way to indent a paragraph in the meantime if possible. For information about supported/unsupported tags please see here: