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HTML to PDF nested bullets not displaying

As per subject. The nested bullets do not display nor is there proper indentation. Instead the bullet text follows the previous text instead.


Please ZIP and attach your input HTML file and Aspose.Words generated output PDF file showing the undesired behavior here for testing. We will investigate the issue on our end and provide you more information.

Hello, I setup a test post here

The export to pdf icon is that the bottom.

Thank you.


We have used the following code to convert this web page to PDF format and attached it here for your reference (see 18.8.pdf (112.8 KB)):

Aspose.Words.LoadOptions opts = new Aspose.Words.LoadOptions();
opts.LoadFormat = LoadFormat.Html;
Document doc = new Document("", opts);

As shown in this screenshot, we can see red cross symbols at the end of generated PDF file. Is this the problem you are talking about?

Hello, I replied to the email several days ago. I see that my response is not here?

ok, the bullets are working. Can the pdf have proper styling? Look at the web page vs the pdf. The pdf does not look professional.

Please advise. Thank you.


Please save this web page to disk. Open the saved HTML file with MS Word 2016 and then convert (Save As) to PDF by using MS Word 2016 (see msw-2016.pdf (96.4 KB)). You can see MS Word applies similar formatting to content. Aspose.Words tries to mimic this same behavior.

You can also try latest version of Aspose.HTML for .NET to convert HTML to PDF.