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HTML to Word Import


I was wondering if the conversion tool for HTML to Word is going to support input tags, nested tables, and style sheets. If so is there a time frame for these items.



Hi Mick,

Here is the state of affairs:

  • INPUT (and probably other "form" tags) - thanks for the request, we will look what could be done very soon. Your request number is #981.
  • Nested tables - should be supported. If you're experiencing some problems, please attach your documents here and describe the problem.
  • Style sheets - will be supported later, cannot estimate timeframe at the moment.

I’m not having much luck importing nested HTML tables, either. No matter what I do, the resulting Word file always compresses the width of the table to 0. Even if I specify the table and cell width, the HTML values are ignored.

Here is a simple example:

Document Title

Table cell content.

Is there any trick I can use to import this, other than editing the Word document after the import and before writing it out?

Thanks for the report. We’re aware of the fact that the table layout algorithm should be improved and we are going to do that soon. Yet this particular issue will be fixed in the next release I guess. It was logged in our defect tracking system as #996.

The nested tables handling is significantly better in aspose.Words 4.0 which was released recently. Please download and try the newest version.