Http compression


i noticed you removed a lot of old post. i was looking for the posts with regards to http compression.

is there any other information i should know about besides that which you provide in the Wiki?

http compression



There is no other information now.

Do you use http compression or SSL in your application?


i’m using ssl.

Maybe this isnt the right place to be asking this but has anyone been able to do the following steps when using ajax?

Dim stream As MemoryStream =  New MemoryStream() 
excel.Save(stream, FileFormatType.Default)
response.ContentType = “application/”
'This is same as OpenInExcel option
response.AddHeader(“content-disposition”,“attachment; filename=book1.xls”)


This piece of code is running in the back-end and doesn't matter with front-end. Maybe you can use Javascript to change the http response settings.


i’m not at all familar with javascript. do you know of any good online tutorials?


I am also not familiar with Javascript. You can search it on google.

But I don't think you need to use javascript for this piece of code. It can work in your program without any problem.


well, i’ve tried to use the code when using either atlas or magicajax and both times it fails. looks like i’ll have to find a work around.



What’s the error message? Don’t they allow you to change the http response or write binary data to client?