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Need to generate same functioanlity with barStack Chart, Showing total on the top of chart

Please provide code/reference.


Please see the sample code for your reference for your needs. Also, you cannot just place the total labels on top of the bars as it is the limitation in MS Excel.
Sample code:

    Workbook workbook = new Workbook();
    Worksheet sheet = workbook.Worksheets[0];
    //Put chart data
    sheet.Cells[0, 0].PutValue("S1");
    sheet.Cells[0, 1].PutValue(2);
    sheet.Cells[0, 2].PutValue(4);
    sheet.Cells[0, 3].PutValue(6);

    sheet.Cells[1, 0].PutValue("S2");
    sheet.Cells[1, 1].PutValue(1);
    sheet.Cells[1, 2].PutValue(5);
    sheet.Cells[1, 3].PutValue(3);

    sheet.Cells[2, 0].PutValue("S3");
    sheet.Cells[2, 1].PutValue(1);
    sheet.Cells[2, 2].PutValue(2);
    sheet.Cells[2, 3].PutValue(3);

    //Set total fromula
    sheet.Cells[3, 1].Formula = "sum(B1:B3)";
    sheet.Cells[3, 2].Formula = "sum(C1:C3)";
    sheet.Cells[3, 3].Formula = "sum(D1:D3)";


    //Generate the first chart
    int chartIndex = sheet.Charts.Add(Aspose.Cells.Charts.ChartType.ColumnStacked, 5, 5, 22, 12);
    Chart chart = sheet.Charts[chartIndex];

    //Insert series
    chart.NSeries.Add("B1:D3", false);

    chart.Title.Text = "test";

    //Add datalabel for last series
    Series serieLast = chart.NSeries[2];
    int pointCount = serieLast.Points.Count;
    for (int i = 0; i < pointCount; i++)
        DataLabels dl = serieLast.Points[i].DataLabels;

        dl.Text = sheet.Cells[3, i + 1].Value.ToString();



Please refer to the above code and write your own code to accomplish the tasks for your scenario.

Hope, this helps a bit.

Thank you.