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Hyphenation when converting word to PDF its not convert the hyphenations

Dear Aspose Team

I am trying to convert Word document with hyphenations to Pdf using Aspose Word (I have a licence )

I try what describe in :

And it didn’t work at all (The word just move to the next row)

When i save my document - document.save(OutputStream, PdfSaveOptions);

my pdfSaveOption are :

· PdfSaveOptions.prettyFormat =true

· PdfSaveOptions.textCompression =0

· PdfSaveOptions.jpegQuality =100

Also before Saving i use document.updateFields();

Note that i use the latest version 15.7.0

I attach the relevant files :

en- test.xml is the document

en- test.pdf is the output

dictionary en-US.txt is the .dic file i use (i wasn’t able to upload .dic file so i change it to .txt in my system i upload it as .dic )

Its quite urgent :slight_smile:

Hi Moshe,

The dictionary you attached does not look like a hyphenation dictionary; it is a spell check dictionary. You need to use hyphenation dictionaries with this code.

You can download your required hyphenation dictionaries from https://github.com/fortes/softhyphen/tree/master/dicts
Names of the hyphenation dictionaries start with ‘hyph_’ on the above mentioned link.


Tnx for the answer

also maybe it wasn’t work because that i enable "Automatically hyphenat document " check box ??

Hi Moshe,

Automatically Hyphenate Document checkbox will not make any difference. You should see hyphenation after applying correct hyphenation dictionary.

Best Regards,


In the previews message Muhammad Ijaz gave me a link for download

Hyphenation files but this link seem to be not working any more

maybe u can help me with other link ?

Hi Moshe,

Thanks for your inquiry. Please check this link:

Hope, this helps.

Best regards,


Thanks its very helpful :slight_smile:

maybe Aspose team have the knowledge how can i edit the .dic files for change the hyphenations…


Can someone know how to edit the .dic files ?

Hi Moshe,

Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to edit dictionaries. This is because creating/editing dictionaries is a specialized area. Dictionaries are created/edited by some linguistic experts, and not by software developers. Therefore, you should find and use good open source Hyphenation Dictionaries to satisfy your requirements.

Best regards,