I am getting "Number of freezed columns cannot be zero while column index is not zero"



If I try to open an existing excel file with “Freeze Panes”, I am getting “Number of freezed columns cannot be zero while column index is not zero” [System.ArgumentException]

// Code sample
Excel excel = new Excel();

string designerFile = @“c:\temp\test.xls”;
excel.Open(designerFile); // throws following exception at this point

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Thanks for your consideration.

Could you email your existing excel file to excel@aspose.com.

Thanks for your cooperation.


Please download the hotfix 1.5.8.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



I installed patch from hotfix 1.5.8.
However i am getting following error while as soon as i start running the application

Strong name validation failed for assembly ‘Aspose.Excel’.
File name: "Aspose.Excel"

Can you please help me



When did you get this error?

Please elaborate on it.



I extracted Aspose.Excel.dll from the hotfix. deleted old file from
C:\Program Files\Aspose\Aspose.Excel\Bin

and copied new file.

Then in my project, i give a reference to new file
I could able to see both the version in "Add Reference dialog box ( and
Added new one to project.

I am getting this error as soon as i load page.



Thanks for your repport.

This issue is produced by an inappropriate signature of Aspose.Excel.dll after it is obfuscated by the Aspose.Obfuscator.

This weekend, or early next week, we will publish a hot fix in this forum. Please keep an eye on it.

Please accept my personal apology for any inconvenience you have experienced.



The hotfix, 1.5.8 has been corrected. Please download it, again.