I can´t find Aspose.PDF.Form



Any months ago, I downloaded Aspose.PDF.Form product to tests.

Now, I need buy this product but I can′t find more.

It was substituited by a new version or other product ?

I′m wating a response.



I need find a urgently solution for this case. Please, if you got solve my problem tomorrow, please send me.



Dear Jackson,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Aspose.Pdf.Form has been merged into Aspose.Pdf.Kit. More details please check:


Feel free to let us know if we can be of help.


Thanks for considering our products. At the middle of this year, Aspose.Pdf.Form is merged into Aspose.Pdf.Kit. Please refer to these urls http://www.aspose.com/Wiki/default.aspx/Aspose.Pdf.Kit/SimpleExample.html and
to learn more about it.

Best regards.