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I m not getting perfect word count of pdf document by pdf.kit component

I m using evaluation version of the pdf.kit component when i upload the pdf file and bind it with the extractor and then extract text and then use word count facility of the component it is giving wrong word count can any one tell me why this things done
my code is like below

Dim converter
Aspose.Pdf.Kit.PdfExtractor = New PdfExtractor


converter.Password = ""


Return (converter.GetWordCount())

please any one help me fast

i m attach pdf file with this so anyone can check that please reply fast

In my test I get 27 words. I think the result is correct. “Twenty four” will be considered as two words.

yes there is last three words have space but i m getting 53 or like that so please say about that why i get that

Adeel has replied to your mail. Probably you are using a trial version and hence Aspose.Pdf.Kit watermark is
added and that’s why the count increases to 53