I need a great help from you and I am new to Aspose


Hi Tech,

I need a great help from you and I am new to Aspose.

I downloaded aspose.word.dll from u r site, and it is added to my resource in C# solution explorer. It is showing good features, but i am not able to use properly. Please guide me as early as possible.

I am developing a C# windows aplication. Is Aspose.word supporting to C# Windows?

in C# a form contains 5 panels and every panel may contain some link labels (controls) these are dynamic.

my real requirement is that, I would like to fill as it is in winword. I mean draw rectangles (Panels) along with text (linklabels) in every panel.

If the text exceed to panel then continue to second page.

if you post some sample code that should be appriciatable, and is it possible to make my above requirement using aspose.word.dll?

Please respond me as early as possible. this is littile bit urgent.

Thanks & Regards

KV Bhaskar.

Software Engineer.



I am afraid that it is not possibble to do what you want using Aspose.Words.

Aspose.Words does not have a visual component. It is a library for creating, loading, manipulation and saving MS Word documents from code.