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iCalendar description no longer works

I just noticed that the description field in the new calendar constructor doesn't actually display the text in the description of the iCalendar item anymore. The iCalendar item is now reading its description from the HTMLBody of the email.

Please fix this and let me know when it is released.

This is true for both and I am not sure when it started happening.

Thank you,


Hello, Dan,

Could you share me the code how you are using the calendar feature? We did have some changes in the Calendar class for the purpose of normalizing the icalendar generation.

Thanks so much.

Here you go. Note that with the code below, my calendar item does not end up with a description. If I uncomment the HTMLBody line of code, then that text gets put in the description of the calendar item, which isn't correct.

Dim l As New Aspose.Network.License


Dim mm As New Aspose.Network.Mail.MailMessage

mm.From = "fromEmail"


mm.Subject = "email test"

'mm.HtmlBody = "this

Dim mc As New Aspose.Network.Mail.Calendar("some location", "summary", "description", Now.AddHours(4).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy h:m:s"), Now.AddHours(5).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy h:m:s"), mm.From(0), mm.To)


Dim sm As New Aspose.Network.Mail.SmtpClient("mySMTPServer")

sm.AuthenticationMethod = Aspose.Network.Mail.SmtpAuthentication.None