iCalendar sample?


I am totally lost in documentation about iCalendar.

Where can I find some code (a sample ?) for simple examples : creating rules (ex: daily), then get result (dates).
API is useless without comments/description and code sample.

Maybe I missed something in documentation ?


One more question, for example if I got :
Aspose.iCalendar.RecurrenceRule rule = new Aspose.iCalendar.RecurrenceRule();
rule.ByDay.Add(3, DayOfWeek.Wednesday);
How can I generate occurences from this ? Aspose.iCalendar.RecurrencePattern (but where can I set RecurrenceRule) ?

Also, on Aspose.Total Product Family there is an error :
DateArray dates = pattern.GenerateOccurrences(); → DateArray does not exist, but there is a DateCollection


Thanks for considering Aspose.

You can find iCalendar related pages in “Technical Articles” section of the Aspose.Network documentation. You may also want to check the Online demo at http://www.aspose.com/demos/aspose.network/default.aspx for common tasks.

The source code of this demo is included in the installer package of Aspose.Network in Samples --> iCalendar folder.

Thanks !