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IconSet conditional formatting value removed from template

Hi everyone, I'm using Aspose.Cells for filling up an existing .xls template file with values coming from a database. The template contains conditional formatting for one of the columns, it uses the icon set with 3 arrows and the rule is
- red when value is >= 3 (type: number)
- yellow when < 3 and >= 2 (type: number)
- green when < 2.

In the result file everything is fine, all cell values are correct, except that the above rule changes for some un-explicable reason to the following:
- red when value is >= 0 (type: number)
- yellow when < 0 and >= 0 (type: number)
- green when < 0.

So all the settings of the rule are kept all right, except for the two numbers (2 and 3).
Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any help would be much appreciated, even if it is only confirming the issue.


Hello again,

apparently I was too rush with my previous post… The problem only occurred when I saved the output file in .xls (old) format, but this kind of conditional formatting is obviously not supported in earlier version of Excel. The export works fine when saving the file in .xlsx format.

Best regards,


Good to know that you have resolved your issue by yourself.

Yes, Advanced conditional formatting (including type i.e…, IconSet) is introduced in Excel 2007/2010 for new formats e.g XLSX, XLSM etc., you should use latest file format types. See the document for your overall reference on Advanced conditional formatting:
Conditional Formatting

Thank you.