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Identify Clip art in word using aspose word


I want to identify Clip art image using aspose.
Plz help ?

Hi Divesh,

Thanks for your inquiry. Clip art images are represented by Shape objects in Aspose.Words’ DOM. You can simply loop through Shape nodes (collection) and access the target clip art image.

Best regards,

Hi Support,

Thanks, But i am wondering, i am still having clip art showing me as DrawingML objects instead of Shape. for your reference I am attaching Word Document.

Also I am having problem in Identifying following objects,

- Microsoft Graph Chart
- Microsoft Excel Chart
- Smart Art

One more thing Please clarify me, If i am having Track Changes on and any impact on rendering objects

Hi Divesh,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Yes, you’re right; in your case the clip art is represented by DrawingML node. In the latest version of Aspose.Words, DrawingML objects are now loaded into a DrawingML class instead of a Shape class. This is the reason why you can’t find the image by iterating through the shapes. However, if you please convert your DOCX file to DOC format using Aspose.Words or Microsoft Word, you will notice that clip art will then be represented by a simple Shape object. So, it depends on document format you’ve used.

Secondly, I see a few OLE objects in your DOCX document. You can use the following code snippet to access them:

// Get collection of shapes
NodeCollection shapes = doc.GetChildNodes(NodeType.Shape, true);
int i = 0;
// Loop through all shapes
foreach (Shape shape in shapes)
    if (shape.OleFormat != null)
        // Extract OLE Excel object
        if (shape.OleFormat.ProgId == "Excel.Sheet.12")
            // Here you can use Aspose.Cells component
            // to be able to read and save MS Excel files to disk
        // Extract OLE Package object
        if (shape.OleFormat.ProgId == "Package")
            /* Do something here */

I hope, this helps.

Moreover, regarding track changes, Aspose.Words mimic the way the Microsoft Word works and of-course you can accept tracking changes of the document by calling Document.AcceptAllRevisions method before rendering.

Best regards,

Hello Support,

I am having more problems with MS Graph Charts and MS Excel Charts.

Please let me know which is the stable version of the Dll which recognize this all objects accurately.

Also I am still not able to find Smart Arts from Word Documents.

Please revert asap as this is highly required functionality


Please do need ful on urgent basis

Hi Divesh,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Working with SmartArt objects programmatically (such as extracting Smart Art’s text) is on it’s own a big and complex feature. Your request has been linked to the appropriate issue (WORDSNET-5437) and you will be notified as soon as it is supported. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Secondly, the latest version of Aspose.Words is 13.3.0 and we suggest you please always use the latest version of Aspose.Words. You can download it from here.

I am having more problems with MS Graph Charts and MS Excel Charts.

Could you please clarify what problems are you having with graphs? Are you getting these problems during converting to PDF?

Best regards,

Hello Support,

I am having MS Excel Charts and MS Graph Charts in word document attached. While converting to HTML,

  1. I am not able to Identify MS Graph chart under shape object
  2. MS Excel Chart also renders as Image and the size of the Image is 0 byte.

Can you please suggest work around for the same. also Can you specify scenario where these kind of problems can occur.

Secondly with Shape art is there any techniques to identify only. I do not want any extra operation on it.


Please do needful asap

Hi Divesh,

Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, you’re right; Aspose.Words transforms charts in Microsoft Word document to images during exporting it to HTML based formats. Regarding your problem of having a 0 byte chart image, could you please attach a zip archive containing your input Word document and output HTML/Image files here for testing? I will investigate the issue on my side and provide you more information.

Secondly, DrawingML is the main graphics format used in OOXML documents such as DOCX and OOXML Charts are often represented by DrawingML nodes. Aspose.Words provides the DrawingML node which represents a DrawingML object in document. Currently you can extract/change DrawingML images and retrieve basic properties such as alternative text. You can also set the size of the object. You cannot create new DrawingML objects yet. Further properties of DrawingML will be made avaliable. Currently there is no way to access child elements of complex objects such as Diagram and Charts.

I am afraid, there is no API for accessing or modifying the content of a chart e.g. you cannot retrieve the text of a chart or SmartArt graphic. Being able to create new DrawingML objects such as SmartArt or Charts is also planned.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Best regards,