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Identify word content controls in PDF

I want my pdf which is generated from a word docx to identify that the position/text in the pdf belongs to which content control. Is there any way?


Please send us your source Word document and the generated PDF document. We will investigate your scenario, and share our findings with you.

I have a PDF generated from a word document using Aspose.
Lets consider scenario
Word document content:
Aspose has very rich functionalities to handle documents.

From this word document I have generated a PDF. Now word document has “ranges” and PDF works in “co-ordinates”. So from PDF I only get the co-ordinates and page number.
So I want to map those co-ordinates to “ranges” of word.
Please guide me through.


Please note, Word (flow) and PDF (non-flow) are entirely different formats and it is difficult to implement the same feature for PDF format. Please share all details of the scenario, including a sample PDF. We will investigate your scenario in perspective of Aspose.PDF API, and share our findings with you.

Scenario: I have a word document with multiple content controls.
I have a review process defined for the documents which includes

  1. Converting the document into PDF.
  2. Send the PDF document to the reviewer.
  3. Reviewer will annotate the PDF documents (Review) using PSPDFKit (not sure on this)
  4. Now PSPDFKit annotations just returns me the co-ordinates of PDF on which the annotations are made.
  5. I want those annotations to be shown in my Word addin. So I need the information that on which content control of the word document the annotations made by reviewer. (Either by matching geometries or by named destinations or in any way)


Thank you for the details. You can annotate PDF documents with Aspose.PDF API, and then convert PDF documents to Word documents. Please refer to these help topics: Working with Annotations and Convert PDF to DOC or DOCX format. Please let us know in case of any further assistance or queries.